Life seldom goes along without the occasional challenge. However, sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming. The choices you make, or indeed those missed opportunities, can leave you feeling despondent. If your daily life is being affected by your thoughts and feelings and you want to change this, counselling can help.

Bereavement, relationship breakdown or problems at work can lead to stress, anxiety and depression which make you feel worse. This can impact your ability to make even simple decisions, often causing you to question everything you do.

Sometimes your own resilience is not enough and exploring your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment can be the first step to recovery.

I offer a person centred approach, a form of counselling which involves listening to you, thinking together, sharing ideas, and giving feedback without any judgement. This process then helps you to make the decisions which relate to your life.

I can be contacted by email:

Or via telephone or text on 07305 072432

I am part of the Health & Wellbeing clinic in Leigh.